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What is Pontoon Blackjack?

Pontoon refers to an exciting variation of blackjack that is a favorite game of many people. Although it isn't very popular in the world of casinos, the low house edge makes it highly attractive to some players. Pontoon happens to remain anonymous because, until recently, this game was only available on Real Time and Cryptologic gaming platforms. However, within the past several years, Microgaming and Playtech have been added to the roster.

The Rules of Pontoon Blackjack

  • Pontoon uses 8 regular decks of cards, and every card value is like the ones in blackjack.
  • card hands are paid out 2:1 from the original bet, no matter what the total points are. This would include split hands, but naturally not to busted ones.
  • Every blackjack (here called pontoon) pays out 2:1 from the original bet.
  • Every other win pays out even money.
  • The dealer wins every tie, including 5-card hands and pontoons.
  • The hand ranks of pontoon are as follows:
    • A blackjack (known as pontoon)
    • A 5-card hand that isn't a bust (every 5-card hand is equal, no matter what the total points are)
    • The same blackjack rules apply from here with 21-point hands with 4 or less cards being subsequently high and busted hands being the lowest).
  • After betting, every player gets 2 face-up cards and the dealer will get 2 face-down cards.
  • The dealer checks his cards in case of a pontoon and in such a case, every bet is lost.
  • Players need to hit every point under 15 (until they reach 5 cards at most).
  • Players are allowed to hit, here called "twist", any time, even after a double down.
  • Players are allowed to double down with any hand of 2, 3, and 4, but can only do this once with every hand. Doubling can also be done with splits.
  • Players can split twice for up to 3 hands. This can only be done on equal ranks of cards, though Aces included. If Aces are split, pontoons pay out 2:1. Splitting and doubling are also allowed.
  • After every player hand is done, the dealer can play his hand out. The dealer needs to draw to every total of 17 and higher, but needs to hit with a soft 17. Every 5-card hand of the dealer that doesn't bust gets the exact same value that the player gets with a 5-card hand.

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