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Pontoon Blackjack-Main Rules and Features

Pontoon blackjack is a British variation of a popular card game. It is played with 8 decks of cards. The main difference in rules is that the dealer's cards are face down. The Pontoon blackjack presents the players a lot of bonuses and propitious rules.Before starting the game gambler should know some special playing terms for this game:

  • Twist - Hit
  • Stick - Stand
  • Buy - Double Down

Pontoon Blackjack Rules

1. A player can split two cards if they have 10-value even in the case of two different cards.

2. Dealer bangs soft 17.

3. Dealer doesn't take a card that has been dealt face down.

4. It is possible to double after split.

5. It is allowed for players to take "late surrenders".

6. A gambler who has 21 or blackjack wins at once.

7. Players are allowed to take surrender in pontoon, but only in a case when a banker shows Face card or an Ace.

8. You can double down only once a hand and while doing this you can have 2-4 cards.

9. A combination of 5 cards without exceeding 21 pays 2:1 and beat all hands except a pontoon.

10. If you split Aces you can take one card after that on each hand.

11. A five-card hand of 21 is paid 2:1, six-card - 2:1 and seven or more hand - 3:1. Croupier won't give you bonuses if you doubled. Mixed 6-7-8 and 7-7-7 suits are paid 3:2, and the same suits are paid 2:1.

12. If you tie with the croupier the dealer wins instead of the combination being a push.

13. You may double on 9 to 11 only, otherwise the Ace will be counted as 1.

Pontoon contains an element of player's choices, so they can abase the advantage of casino to less than 0,5%. Any hand fewer than 21 is called "five card trick" and is paid 2:1.

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