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Game Terms

Action - While gambling, this particular word refers to whichever amount of money the player bets through an entire series of different bets.

Blackjack also called Natural - A blackjack means that the hand totals 21 and consists of a 10 and an Ace or a face card and an Ace.

Bust - This means that the hand total exceeded 21.

Double Down - This blackjack option exists in case a player gets a great hand and feels confident that he can beat the hand of the dealer in a single draw. This option will make the player put down double his bet and only get one more card.

Early Surrender - This option allows players to save half of their original bets even before they can check the dealer's hand for a blackjack.

Face Cards - These are the Jacks, Queens and Kings of the deck. In blackjack, every face card has a value of 10, no exclusions.

Face-Up Card - This the card of the dealer that is dealt face-up for players to see.

Hit - This refers to taking another card.

Hole Card - If a card is given face-down.

Resplit - Splitting another pair when a split has already been previously made.

Split - This option is offered when a player is given two cards with the exact same suit, allowing a split to create two different hands.

Stand - This means not taking any more cards.

Other Terms

Advantage Player - That player who puts a blackjack strategy to use in order to gain an edge over that of the casino itself.

Bankroll - The complete total that you can bet during certain game sessions.

Big Player - A card-counting group member who places big bets whenever the odds stand high for the player.

Card-Counting - A highly popular strategy of blackjack based on chances of raising the odds of the player by tracking low card ratios to other low cards. A lot of variations exist for this particular strategy.

Cut Card - The colored card that a player uses to cut decks after shuffling. This card isn't used during gameplay.

Discards - These are the cards that are already out of play and set aside.

House Edge - This refers to the advantage of the casino at any casino game.

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