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The Blackjack History

Blackjack is a very popular card game nowadays. It is played by millions of people all over the world and is considered being one of the most winning gambling. It's hard to find out exactly where blackjack history begins, as there are many ideas considering this point. But let's try to do this.

Gambling History

It is considered to be that gambling appeared in ancient China in 10-th century, when first cards were printed. In the Middle Ages by trading roots they travelled to the Middle East, where were picked by Crusaders and brought to Europe. Most researchers consider that the first most popular European card game was Hazard, from which other gamblers appeared.

Blackjack Origins

The history of the blackjack game still remains a very disputable question. It is considered that the first analog of twenty-one game originated in 17-th century in France and it was called Vingt-en-Un that meant "21". Some scientists consider that the roots of the blackjack appeared in Spanish game called Veintiuno. Italians insist on the idea of originating this game exactly in their country, as the first written mention about it dates from the 15-th century.

Vingt-en-Un rules were very similar to blackjack ones, but only the croupier was allowed to double and the betting method was different from present twenty-one game.The ideal combination of cards in blackjack game is Jack and an Ace of Spades, that's why the gambler gained such a name.

American Blackjack History

It is interesting to know that the last country where casino games appeared was America. Blackjack game was brought there by French immigrants in 19-th century.It was on the peak of its popularity when the US government had banned gambling. Since that time twenty-one was an underground game and became more and more popular each day. In 1931 Nevada authorities decided to legalize gambling and the capital of casino business Las Vegas appeared.

Internet Blackjack History

With the development of computer technologies in 20-th century blackjack appeared in new form-online game. So from that time gamblers from all over the world could play anytime and anywhere, having only an internet connection. It made the game more popular and loved.

Nowadays blackjack remains one of the most popular games on the whole continent, different blackjack variants of it are still developing and hopefully twenty-one would continue to be number 1 game.

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